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Abstract Art By Naomi

​Abstract Art By Naomi

Irving Convention Center

In November 2012, the Irving Convention Center took me to lunch where we also talked about them having a blank wall where they may someday display some local art.  It got me to thinking  (again because I love a challenge) about painting the Irving Convention Center, so I came up with the idea of the top two (and extending down to the middle two) canvases being the convention center, the word Irving in the middle two with copper paint, and the Mustangs of Las Colinas in the bottom two canvases, making it six 24”x48” canvases totaling 6’ vertical x 8’ horizontal when put side by side.

 I met a great portrait artist, Sanah Brown, who has been my mentor and wonderful friend since.  She showed me how to have the Irving Convention Center photo enlarged and stretched to fit the area I wanted it to go in, and then sketch it from the enlarged image.  Otherwise, I was going to free-hand it!  It would not have turned out the same, I am sure.  Sanah also wanted to paint the mustangs for me since I had not tried to paint animals yet.  Thank you, Sanah!  

 This collaborative painting will be on loan to the Irving Convention Center until it is sold.  At this time, the purchase price is $7,000.

~ Naomi